Star of the Month 

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Goal: To promote positivity and up-lifting between students within the Math department. 

How it works: Every month, students will have the opportunity to nominate their friends or classmates to be Star of the Month. At the end of the month, MASSA members will do a draw (at random) to choose the Star and that person will receive a gift card to congratulate them. 

Criteria: Nominee must be a student in the Math department who deserves recognition for any kind of academic / career achievement. (Examples: Passed a professional exam, got awarded a scholarship or bursary, got an excellent grade on a midterm, anything related to school sports, internships or job promotions, etc.) 

Now taking applications for nominations for November Star of the Month here

For any questions, please email

October Star of the Month: Efstathia Maragou

Nominated by Anna-Lisa Kocisko for passing her first in person actu exam at school.

Nominated by Gabriella Laforest for her amazing work ethic and academic results.

Nominated by Angus Legault because she received an amazing mark on her Actu 357 midterm.

November Star of the Month: Angele Chiara Nguegang

Nominated by Adina-Maria Florea for being a good study buddy, always studying hard and getting her work done asap.