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Which Mathematics & Statistics undergraduate program is right for me?

The department of Mathematics & Statistics at Concordia University offers many different undergraduate programs, which can be overwhelming at first. Some of the options and terminology are broken down for you below.

Students must complete 90-120 credits to earn a Bachelor's degree at Concordia. Programs are available in different streams, each of which differs in the number of mathematics credits required (check out our post on honours vs. specialization here).

  • Minor (24 credits): Available for students who are in another discipline (i.e. finance, computer science) and who would like a stronger mathematical background to complement their studies.

  • Major (42 credits): General degree with applications to many different fields.

  • Specialization (60 credits): More concentrated and intensive than the major.

  • Honours (66 credits): Most intensive stream, as it includes two Honours seminars and an Honours thesis in the last year.

All Mathematics & Statistics programs are available as either Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc). For the same program, there is no difference between the BA degree and the BSc in terms of the required mathematics courses. The difference is the electives: BSc students must select some of their electives from the sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology) while BA students are not required to do so.

Co-op, which allows students to alternate between study and work terms in industry, is available for some of the Mathematics & Statistics programs.

The Mathematics & Statistics department offers the following programs:

  • Honours/Specialization in Actuarial Mathematics*

  • Specialization in Actuarial Mathematics & Finance*

  • Specialization in Mathematical and Computational Finance*

  • Honours/Specialization in Pure and Applied Mathematics*

  • Honours/Specialization in Statistics*

  • Major in Mathematics and Statistics

  • Joint Major in Mathematics and Statistics and Computer Applications (78 credits)

  • Minor in Mathematics and Statistics

*Co-op available

Please refer to the course calendar or your program advisor for more details and to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information when making any decisions.


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